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Coronavirus pandemic drives jigsaw puzzle demand

Jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts unsurprised as coronavirus pandemic drives sales

Turning your Puzzles Australia is becoming extremely popular in this time of self isolation. Australian ABC News reports:

“The coronavirus pandemic drives sales jigsaw puzzle demand to an unprecedented level. Prime Minister Scott Morrison raised eyebrows over the weekend when he described jigsaw puzzles as an “essential” item, telling Australians it was OK to leave the house to buy them during the coronavirus pandemic”.

Many Australian jigsaw puzzles manufactures are now finding it difficult to keep up with this increasing demand. As many Australians are forced into self isolation and to stay at home. It has become the ideal time to turn your Puzzles Australia. The whole family can sit down and enjoy creating these personalised jigsaw puzzles and one 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle can keep them entertained for days!


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