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Turn your Puzzles Australia into modern interior wall art!

Looking for a modern interior design idea that corlabitrates your passion with modern interior design? Then maybe turning your Puzzles Australia is for you!

This trend is becoming very popular in Australia, as published in  Daily Mail, meet the woman who spent over a year sticking 24,000 pieces of a personalised puzzle together to create her own unique wall art.

This jigsaw puzzle is called Life, The Great Challenge and it previously holds the record for being the biggest commercially available puzzle in the world when it was released in 2007.

This personalised jigsaw puzzle weighs almost two stone when it is boxed up.

It has achieved one of the greatest achievements and has been published in the Guinness Book of Records’ largest commercially jigsaw puzzles available. This design allows you to place your Puzzles Australia and the enormous design will cover an entire wall of your home!

Modern interior design is becoming very competitive within Austrlaia however if you have a passion for personalised jigsaw puzzles then this idea is for you!

The daily mail article offered one last funny comment “the only problem is that it is glued to the wall so if I ever do move house I’ll have take the wall with me.” Lol :)

Turn your Puzzles Australia and place them on your wall as an art design that everyone can enjoy:)


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