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Some Fun Facts about Jigsaw Puzzles!

Puzzling times for many in Australia!

Covid-19 restrictions have been puzzling times for many Australians and lead to many to be in home lockdown or isolation. People are finding new creating ways to keep themselves entertained. Many households in Australia have found the love of creating photo puzzles and working together to create them. Some fun facts are below:

Have jigsaw puzzles been around for long? Yes, the photo puzzle has been around for 250 years! 

When did mass production of puzzles occur? It was in the 20th century with the use of the die cutting machine that made the production of puzzles possible. This machine makes it quicker and easier to make photo jigsaw puzzles.

Where did the name come from?  The name “jigsaw” comes from the saw tool which is called a jigsaw that was used to cut the puzzles.

Are they popular in past depressions or recessions? Yes the jigsaw puzzle in Australia was very popular in the great depression. Unemployment was high and income was low so people did not have the funds to travel. Due to this many households in Australia turned to the jigsaw puzzle as it was cheap and would entertain for hours! 

Is there a museum for jigsaw puzzles? Yes, they can be found in the The Puzzle Mansion in the Philippines. The Guinness World Records has recognised this has the largest world wide jigsaw puzzle collection.

Do famous people create photo puzzles? Yes, famous people are puzzlers! Some of these include the likes of Bill Gates, Hugh Jackman and members of the The Rolling Stones.

Can you get a photo jigsaw puzzle in Australia? Yes, photo jigsaw puzzles in Australia are a popular trend, there are a few suppliers who manufacture them including Puzzles Australia and Smoochy Poochy. 

To sum things up Covid-19 restrictions has been a puzzling time for many households in Australia. For many photo puzzles have become a new hobby for families to create together. Jigsaw Puzzles were created 250 years ago and are only becoming more and more popular.


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