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Best Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas: Custom Puzzles

Choosing a thoughtful and befitting gift for your partner on your wedding anniversary doesn’t have to be tasking. Custom puzzles can make your wedding anniversary celebrations extra special for your partner.

Custom puzzles, also known as personalised puzzles, help your partner know you cherish the memories you create as a couple. It allows you to make a personalised puzzle as a perfect wedding anniversary gift using an image of your choice.

This wonderful gift will score you bonus points, especially if your partner is passionate about solving puzzles. Also, you get to wow them with your creativity and delight with your thoughtfulness. They will know that ‘with every little piece of the puzzle put together, both of you fit perfectly’.

How to create an anniversary jigsaw puzzle

Jigsaw puzzles are many traditional activities that people indulge in when spending quality time alone or with others. Also, it is a fun activity that can strengthen relationships and family ties.

You can make solving jigsaw puzzles extra special by personalising the puzzle using an adorable image of your partner or an unforgettable event.

You may also have your customised puzzle created in different shapes, sizes and numbers of pieces. The image you choose to use for your puzzle will be crucial to the puzzle’s appearance (more on this later). So, you’ll want to keep this in mind.

These are four steps to create a personalised puzzle for your wedding anniversary. Remember, let your creativity shine through.

Step 1 – Choose your type of puzzle.

The first step to creating your personalised puzzle is selecting an image you want to convert into a puzzle. Afterwards, choose the type or format of the puzzle. It could be a single-image type, collage, or mixture of image and text.

Other personalisations include the number of pieces, colour or theme, and the type of material (cardboard, wood) used. These put together will give the puzzle an overall unique and customised feel.

Note: It is advisable for the image you choose to be high-res to avoid pixelation if you desire a big personalised puzzle. It may cause the image to appear blurry when created.

Step 2 – Choose the size of the puzzle.

This stage of the personalisation process requires you to choose the size of your puzzle. Although some customisations already have a default size selected, you can always choose your desired puzzle size from the options provided. Sometimes, the default size of a puzzle is auto-selected based on the number of pieces you have chosen.

Step 3 – Customisation

This stage allows you to put the final touches necessary to create your partner’s perfect wedding anniversary gift. You will need to specify the design you want for the puzzle and add the image (s) you want and their layout.

(If you opt for a mixture of image and text for the puzzle, you will be required to specify where the text should appear. It is beneficial when adding a personalised wedding anniversary message to your partner.

You can choose the font for the text, size, and colour during this design stage. You may select a background colour of your choice for parts of the puzzle that will have no image or text.

Step 4 – Preview Your Masterpiece

Welcome to the final stage of creating your personalised jigsaw puzzle that will have your partner go weak at the knees.

With the puzzle type, design, layout, font, number of jigsaw pieces selected, image(s) uploaded, and a personalised message included, it’s time to see how the puzzle will look. If the outcome makes you feel elated, place your order with the puzzle manufacturer and have them deliver it to your doorstep. Otherwise, you can go back to any step and make the changes you want to see on the puzzle.

Repeat these steps if you want to create multiple personalised puzzles for anniversary celebrations with your partner, expressing memories and adorable moments together.

Enjoy spending some quality time together as you create the puzzle!


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