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Understanding CUSTOM PUZZLE: An Ultimate Guide

Custom puzzle

The best gift to give a passionate lover of jigsaw puzzles is a custom-made, personalised one with a special picture. The possibilities of which image to choose and how to make it unique are endless with this type of puzzle!

However, there are some essential factors you must keep in mind to create a flawless jigsaw puzzle from photo. This thorough guide helps you understand custom puzzles and how to get the best one made.

Factors to Consider When Making Custom Jigsaw Puzzles

Before choosing an image for your custom jigsaw puzzle, it is imperative that you take some time to consider the following factors:

1. Size of the Custom Puzzle

Custom puzzles come in various sizes and shapes. When getting a custom puzzle made, you should consider the size of the puzzle and pieces. Depending on who you plan to get it for, you can determine these sizes.

It should be noted that puzzles with smaller pieces and detailed images are often more challenging, so they are a suitable option for adults. On the other hand, puzzles with larger pieces tend to be a better choice for children.

2. Pieces of the Puzzle

Similarly, puzzles also come in different pieces of the puzzle. We recommend puzzles between 12 – 180 pieces should be for children and 200 plus pieces for adolescents and adults.

Regardless of the image, if you opt for a puzzle with many pieces, such as a 500 or above, it will be challenging to complete. Each piece only contains a tiny part of the picture in such puzzles, making it complicated.

Larger puzzles with fewer pieces are excellent options for younger and older individuals and differently-abled and have visual difficulties.

3. Photo Considerations

Perhaps the most crucial factor to consider is the image for the custom puzzle. It also happens to be one of the most challenging tasks when getting a custom jigsaw puzzle Australia made because it determines the quality and difficulty of the puzzle.

Firstly, you need a photo that has high quality and resolution. Low-resolution images make the puzzle too blurry and this makes it very difficult to make as you can not identify what image is on the puzzle pieces. You need to look at the image and see if there are a lot of different colours and contrast. If there is then this makes the puzzle easier to make, if there is not this makes it difficult to make. A beach puzzle for example can be difficult to make as there is a lot of blues and yellow sand, while a collage of many images is easier to make as you have much object and colour differentiation.

4. The Experience of the Person

Puzzling should be an enjoyable experience, which is why you should always consider the difficulty level of the puzzle. Depending on the expertise and age of the puzzler, you should choose a suitable image, size, and piece count.

5. Area of Interest

If you are getting a custom jigsaw puzzle made for someone, always consider their area of interest. The custom puzzle from a photo will only be impactful and exciting if it is based on their likes and preferences.

What Should the Best Custom Jigsaw Puzzle Include?

There are several factors that play an essential role in determining the quality of a custom jigsaw puzzle. When choosing a company that makes custom jigsaw puzzles, you should keep these things in mind:

1. Printing Quality

You should do some research on the printing processes of the puzzle company. If they are using a printer with a poor quality inkjet, you should avoid getting your puzzle made from them. This is because the overall colours and texture of the final printed image will be poor. They might even fade away in a few months.

2. Quality of the Cardboard

The cardboard for the puzzle essentially determines its overall quality. Hence, it should be sturdy, thick, and rigid. If not, the puzzle will break or rupture quite easily. Moreover, thick cardboard will also be less likely to be affected by excessive moisture.

3. Jigsaw Puzzle Adhesive Quality

Adhesives can make an impactful difference in the overall quality of the puzzle and the puzzling experience. It determines how the puzzle pieces fit together. This is why the company should be using high-quality adhesive for all of its puzzles.

4. Puzzle Cutting

Another significant factor that impacts the quality of the puzzle is the cutting. If it is poorly cut, it can be frustrating to put together. This is the factor you should analyse each company with because high-quality puzzle-cutting dies can be expensive, so puzzle makers avoid using them.

Final Words

Are you ready to get your custom puzzle built?

If so, then you should consider Puzzles Australia. We use all the high-quality materials to create the perfect custom puzzle for you that fits your needs, preferences, and budget. Visit our website for more details!


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