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Puzzles for Adults – Best Jigsaw Puzzles for Families

In an era where the digital explosion is reducing quality family time, puzzles are a tried and tested tool to unite the family. While the youngsters can have a great time-solving puzzle, a variety of colourful jigsaw puzzles for adults are also available to keep them entertained.

Numerous studies have also highlighted that there are a multitude of proposed health benefits when creating puzzles. Jigsaw puzzles for adults in Australia have various alternatives to suit any occasion.

Your search for the best puzzles in Australia ends at Their expert curators have been avid puzzlers for more than a decade. They have brought all those years of experience to design the best-laid puzzles that will cater to a large audience. Let us explore some of the best collections of jigsaw puzzles for adults.

Adult Jigsaw Puzzles

  • Aboriginal Art Puzzles: They come with nine dazzling varieties of aboriginal art that will surely resonate with the adventurous type.
  • Animal Puzzles: An exciting collection of 7 animal puzzles including:
    • An animated collage of your favourite Australian animals
    • Bird puzzles
    • Two variants of Kangaroo puzzles: an animated version and a real-life photograph puzzle
    • Koala puzzle- can’t leave this one out if you are in Australia
    • Kookaburra puzzle
    • Underwater sea puzzle
  • Australian Theme Puzzles: For the hardcore Australians, Puzzles Australia has an interesting repertoire of money puzzles, kangaroo sign puzzles, and map of Australia puzzles in striking backgrounds.
  • Flag Puzzles: There are four exciting variants.
    • Aboriginal flag puzzle
    • Australian flag puzzle
    • Rainbow flag puzzle
    • Flags of the world, consisting of a staggering 180 plus flags of different nationalities.
  • Flower Puzzles: There are four vibrant photographic puzzles of sunflowers under this section.
  • Hot Air Balloon Puzzles: This one is sure to get your mood soaring high.
  • Pattern Puzzles: These can be the ultimate stressbusters. While there are the customary bird and food puzzles in this section, the main attractions are
    • Two variants of the Mexican puzzle
    • Three varieties of pattern puzzles, including two colourful Rainbow Puzzles
  • Rainbow Puzzles: Apart from the pattern, in rainbow puzzles, you will find seven designs that may send you into a tizzy. The mindboggling layouts will get your creative juices flowing. The ideal trigger for the brain is to ooze out dopamine to lift your mood.
  • Photographers Puzzles: This section would appeal to both the photographer and the traveler in you.
    • Melbourne Jigsaw Puzzles: This category boasts of two photo-puzzle of Brighton Beach, victoria, and twelve mesmerising scenic photographs of the Great Ocean, Victoria.
    • New South Wales Puzzles: You will be spoilt for choice in this section. There’s a jaw-dropping assemblage of 58 puzzles in this section. The plethora of options include.

    ■ From Bondi Beach to Bondi Icebergs, Bronte Pool to Byron Bay Lighthouse
    ■ A stunning collection of the picturesque Byron Bay
    ■ Cabarita Beach
    ■ Congwong & Coogee
    ■ Fingal Head
    ■ Giles Bath
    ■ Hastings Point
    ■ La Perouse
    ■ Little Bay
    ■ Mahon Pool
    ■ Malabar
    ■ Manly
    ■ Maroubra
    ■ Sydney harbour bridge
    ■ Sydney opera house
    ■ Yarra Bay and more

  • Queensland Puzzles: The Queenslanders have no reason to feel left out. Twenty design options include the following:

    ■ Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast
    ■ Burleigh Heads, National Park
    ■ Great Barrier Reef
    ■ Kirra Beach
    ■ Miami Gold Coast
    ■ River Boat House Maroochydore
    ■ Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast
    ■ Tallebudgera Beach, Gold Coast
    ■ Whitehaven Beach

    Don’t think the above list is all that we have. There’s plenty more for the entire family to gel together and have a happy time. Let’s check out some other options.

  • Household Goods Puzzles: The four designs in this segment include
    • two money puzzles
    • one puzzle capturing your favourite craft elements
    • one puzzle with an interesting arrangement of colour pencils
  • Food Puzzles: Foodies alert! The food puzzle sections are certain to get your mouth watering for more. We have the following choices here.
    • Berries Puzzles
    • Cheese-platter Puzzles
    • Donuts Puzzles
    • Food Pattern Puzzles
    • Fruit Puzzles
    • Lollies Puzzles
    • Lollipop Puzzles
    • Strawberry Puzzles
  • Collage Puzzles: Photo collages can bring back memories of your happy family times. It could be a random snap taken during the bonfire or a cherished photograph from the vacation last summer.
    You can collate these happy memories into one gigantic photo collage. Spend the entire evening reliving those special moments.

Variety of sizes to choose from:

There is a variety of puzzle sizes to choose from, from the small 30 pieces to the woppa 1000 piece puzzle. Details on sizes are below:

  • 1000 piece puzzles – 76cm x 50.2cm
  • 500 piece puzzles – 50.7cm x 40.3cm
  • 300 piece puzzles – 51cm x 40.9cm
  • 200 piece puzzles – 51cm x 25.5cm
  • 180 piece puzzles – 40cm x 29cm
  • 120 piece puzzles – 38cm x 26.7cm (A3)
  • 60 piece puzzles – 34.5cm x 27cm (A3)
  • 30 piece puzzles – 26.5cm x 18cm (A4)

Puzzles Australia offers colourful jigsaw puzzles for adults as well as youngsters. Also, these puzzles are in safe hands since we use 100% recycled puzzle board with high-quality printing and packaging. Get uploading today!


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