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A Guide on How to Store Jigsaw Puzzles

Everyone loves a good puzzle!

But, everyone hates a puzzle they just can’t solve, and you would hate it more if it were for an awkward missing piece that you couldn’t find.

But it happens, right?

The jigsaw puzzle storage issue is an issue!

Enthusiasts have struggled to find the right way to store jigsaw puzzles.

Not to worry! In our article, we have decided to become your personal jigsaw puzzle organiser.

Here are six ways you can store jigsaw puzzles and make sure nothing goes amiss in the future:

Store jigsaw puzzles the better way:

1. First thing’s first: Handle!

The minute you have finished playing, make sure to collect all the pieces and keep them away from the reach of a child or pets, basically anyone mischievous and careless enough to foil your plans of playing your puzzle again.

Once you have all the pieces together, we plan the storage. How’s that?

2. Transparent boxes:

If you can constantly see something, you would probably not lose it, right?

Yeah, that’s the idea here.

We put all the pieces in a transparent box, and we secure it on a top shelf.

It’s old, simple, and works!

Plus, it’s easy and reduces the collection of dust.

3. Zip your puzzle:

Boxes do tend to be more space-consuming.

So, how to work it out without a box?

Find cute little pouches where you can pile in all your puzzle pieces and zip them.

This keeps all the pieces in place and makes sure that you have a broader room left for more things.

You could put these pouches safely in a drawer or a wardrobe.

Sandwich bags are perfect for storage of the smaller puzzles.

4. Puzzle shelf:

Are you a puzzler? Okay!

Then just one or two won’t cut it! You need multiple.

We are probably guessing you know the pain of managing and storing so many puzzle bits/boxes.

Not if you have a shelf dedicated to it.

Do a puzzle, keep it as is on a shelf, and make sure that the shelf is only for puzzles.

On each tier, a new puzzle could go!

The only problem with this is that the shelf would take space, but hey, all is fair in a puzzle of love and war.

You might also want to get a place where it remains out of reach for children and pets.

5. Hang the puzzle up:

Do you have a puzzle board that’s aesthetically beautiful?

Then, it could serve the purpose of a nice photo for the wall.

Maybe there is a memory that you got customised into a puzzle.

Perhaps a fun game and a beauty to look at, you would find that Puzzles Australia does both!

In such a case, whenever you are done making up the puzzle, you could enclose it into a frame and hang it up the wall.

6. Puzzle board organiser:

This is probably the best way to keep your puzzles in check.

You get a board to do the puzzle, and it comes with inbuilt drawers for the pieces.

You won’t have to worry about hanging it up or mixing up the bits in a pouch, and it doesn’t occupy too much space either.

A puzzle board organiser is a must-buy!

Now that you know how the management is done, let’s get on with the fun game.

Puzzles can be a fun way to hang out with friends and recreate special moments with family.

However, if the arrangement and assembling aren’t made right, a puzzle can be useless for the next time around.

Make use of a good method to store the puzzle and continue using it.

Alright, enough lessons for the day.

Get back to playing, readers.

Happy puzzling!


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