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Turn Your Vacation Photos into Collage Puzzles

Do you have that one trip that you would want to save the memories of forever? Why, in fact, just one? Isn’t every trip memorable? Wouldn’t it be so awesome if you could just make a custom puzzle from a photo? OK, now hear us out. We are not trying to shamelessly plug in the brand, but it’s a great idea if you’re someone who’s creative. Then, you should make a puzzle from a photo.

Are you someone who loves to make memories unique? Of course, you are! None of our readers come plain. Then, you would definitely appreciate what we have in mind.

Picture this. You have this perfect sunset in the background at a beach in Hawaii. You’re in the perfect swimsuit, and so is your loved one. And it’s a great photograph with a lot of smiles. Now, one way to do this is that you could keep this picture on your phone forever. And as is, there are a lot of photos these days, which only stay digital.

But, as is with everything, it feels better when we do it the old-fashion way. Do you remember when we were children, and we used to have these scrapbooks where we would put pictures of things we love or places that we wanted to visit? And now that you’re finally visiting them, the scrapbooks are out of the timeframe. Besides, who’s got the time to pick out every pic, glue it, let it dry, and then wait to open the book once in a blue moon?

So, what else can we do to make these pics perfect?

Back in the days, we used to have print photos and original photos, where we would have to develop the reels, and that made every photo that much more special. Of course, with phones and everything, you now get to click unlimited pictures, and it has somehow made things easier. But, moderation can make things exciting. Photographs used to excite us, don’t know about you, a lot more back in the day. We somewhere still crave that old-timey vibe. Don’t you?

This is what we’re trying to bring back here. Now, imagine you have the perfect pictures and make a collage from those images. Everyone is looking great, and you take those photos out, and you do the puzzles. We are talking about jigsaw collages that make the magic a lot more involved. Now, every time you sit down to play that puzzle, you have to make a puzzle from a photo. You have to solve it with your loved ones, and this becomes a great experience in itself, which will transport you back to Hawaii just as it was.

So, now the question remains, how do you make a puzzle from a photo? The simple answer is you trust the experts to do it. We at Puzzles Australia love doing personalised puzzles. Everyone loves a bit of brain time every now and then, and we make sure to put in some nostalgia when you come to us with an order to get your travel vacation pics etched into a collage puzzle. We use the best quality material and the glossiest paper to make sure that the looks and feels of it are not compromised, and you can also add text to the collage eg. add some of your secret inside jokes. Why not sneak them into the contents of it?? Wouldn’t that make it all the more special? So, get a custom puzzle from a photo.

If you were looking to get a custom puzzle from a photo, then we could help you out. Not only is this a creative way to savour your travel memories, but it is also a good gift for your loved ones. Think birthdays, and anniversary parties, where you need to say the most in your own unique gift!

A complete out-of-the-box idea, this is a good gift to give to your loved ones and yourself too. You could take this as a souvenir from a place you just visited. So, we are looking at a creative gift, a memory treasured, and a mental stimulus. Contact us and start happy puzzle solving this weekend with your loved ones!


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