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How To Decorate Your House With Puzzles?

Working on puzzles with your family, friends, or colleagues is a great pastime and has multiple health and psychological benefits. Whether you are solving a 30 piece puzzle or a 1000 piece, they are all brain teasers and engaging in their way.

While puzzles offer several physical and cognitive benefits for children and adults, they have more benefits than meets the eye. What do you do once you finish solving a puzzle?

Do you undo it and stash away the pieces to rejoin them some other time?


Do you want to keep it intact so that people can see the result of your perseverance and hard work?

Many of our clients at Puzzles Australia are increasingly opting to use their finished puzzles to decorate their homes. Confused about how to do it? Let’s explore some ideas in detail.

Decorating With Puzzles: Funs Home Design Ideas for Your to Explore

True puzzle solvers are people with a lot of patience and dedication to assemble mere pieces into works of art. Finishing a big 500 or 1000 piece puzzle is something very few can boast of.

So, it is natural to feel bad thinking of breaking up the complete picture and doing it again. For this reason, puzzle framing and mounting were introduced as a new home decor trend and have captured the hearts of various puzzle enthusiasts in no time.

If you are one of the people who like to show off your dedication and hard work through a completed puzzle, this article is for you.

Home Decor with Framed Puzzles

The first thing you can do with completed puzzles is to frame them and mount them on your walls. You can choose a frame colour that matches the puzzle concept and hang it in your living room or bedroom.

It can serve as a tastefully created art piece created by you from scratch. At Puzzles Australia, you can order custom-made puzzles like family photos and frame them on the walls upon completion.

Tips to Frame a Puzzle

  • Spread a thin layer of puzzle glue with the help of a plastic paddle or brush over the entire surface of the puzzle. Let the first glue layer dry completely before applying a second coating.
  • Once the surface and the edges are sealed properly, turn the completed puzzle upside down and cover the back portion with glue.
  • Glue the puzzle to a passe-partout of your choice and put a weight on top to ensure it sticks well. Choose a frame of your liking and frame the puzzle to mount it on the walls.

Puzzles Ideas That You Can Frame on Walls

Here are some of our most popular puzzle designs clients love framing on the walls.

  • Australian Photography Puzzles
  • Personalised Puzzles that display pictures of your choice
  • Rainbow puzzle
  • Pattern puzzle
  • Maps puzzles of Melbournes, New South Wales, and Queensland
  • Aborignal art puzzles
  • 3751659322

Coaster Puzzle Home Decor

Starting your day with some freshly brewed tea or coffee is a self-care practice followed by most of us daily. But how is that related to puzzles? Well, in an immediate sense, nothing. But the coaster you use to protect the table or desk sure has.

Just like framing your big puzzles, you can create personalised coasters by gluing the pieces of four-piece puzzles. You can also use pieces of old jigsaw puzzles and glue the pieces together to create your table coasters.

These days DIY projects are quite a trend in households, and families love doing them together to spend time with each other. To create a puzzle coaster, all you need is puzzle glue, an old coaster, and a piece of cork or card.

You can assemble the puzzle in order – especially for customised four-piece puzzles – or assemble the pieces in any order. The latter strategy is used when parts are missing from a puzzle. For example, you have a superhero puzzle but missing the vital pieces of the superhero suit. In that case, you assemble the pieces you have in any order, glue them together on the coasters, and leave them out to dry.

Puzzle coasters will help you enjoy your creations whenever you have your favourite drink.

Magnet Puzzle Home Decor

Another easy DIY project for your home. All you need is a custom-made puzzle displaying the photo close to your heart, puzzle glue, and a small flat magnet. Instead of creating picture magnets, you can now adorn your fridge door with magnet puzzles and revisit your cherished memories.

Finishing Thoughts

There are so many ways of decorating with puzzles. From framing completed puzzles to creating table decor, whatever you create, you make it from scratch. We hope you like our creative ideas. If you have more home decor puzzle ideas, share them with us in the comments below.


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